Who We Are

Modern Alchemist

is a locally-owned compounding pharmacy with the focus of providing the highest standards in quality and innovative personalized medicine to our community.

We established Modern Alchemist recognizing that we are all unique and one size does not fit all, medicine and healthcare should be no exception. Therefore, we tailor medications to each individual’s specific needs and directly address any of current medicine’s toughest challenges in our state-of-the-art facility, with well-informed direction and skillful execution.

We are committed to providing efficient and professional compounding solutions to optimize the health and quality of life of those we serve. We do this by utilizing the modern technologies and methods, still keeping true to the root of conventional pharmaceutical practices.

Our community’s health is our ultimate focus. We work with other healthcare members of our community and strive to keep our community healthy, not only to reach normal health measures but optimal health outcomes to keep up with the modern world’s ever-changing lifestyle demand.

What is compounding?

Throughout the centuries, compounding has proven to be an integral part of pharmacy practice and an essential component of healthcare. The aim of compounding is to bridge the gap between what is commercially available and the unique needs of our community members who may require personalized medicine. This could be due to requirement for different dose, formulations, allergies to ingredients or rare health conditions.

The art and science of compounding is the origin of pharmacy practice. Modern Alchemist Compounding Pharmacy utilizes modern technologies and methods while remaining true to the root of the profession of pharmacy and address any current pharmaceutical challenges by:

  • Compounding unavailable medications
  • Adjusting dose of medications
  • Creating alternative formulations
  • Modifying drug formulations
  • Combining multiple ingredients into one compound
  • Excluding certain ingredients patients may be allergic to
  • Increasing patient compliance and adherence
  • Improving veterinary care

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